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Alone Together

With proper planning your wedding images can be as unique as you are!
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Hinckley Lake

There are many areas in Ohio to capture great outdoor portraits- all year long
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Pets are a part of our Families

It's a shame that the breed has such a notorious rep. This boy was one of the sweetest fellas I've had the pleasure to photograph
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Saxxy _Girl

Negative Space High contrast black and white, with a lot of negative space pulls you into the subject and forces the eye to stop.
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Private Joke

A number of our Romantic shots are posed, but it's also important to be ready for the unexpected
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Golf Girls for Father's Day

Another fun image where we were able to plan a theme to surprise these little ones' dad.
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USA Baseball and Quintin

Form, Function and Vision executed The use of lighting to define the form and set emotion can set professional photographers apart.
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We are now accepting appointments at our new studio in Oberlin! At this time all hours are by appointment only. Our address is: 11970 Vermilion Rd.

We have a passion for capturing truly inspired imagery. The final product and style is all up to you though, we can bring a functioning studio right to your home, or shoot outdoors or even a mixture between the two. You don't always need a professional photographer but when you do, you need to call us! 330-741-0669
 Professional Photography for Discerning Tastes.  
Please call: 330-741-0669