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Questions you need to be asking Wedding Photographers, and our answers to them.

 Unfrortunately for most couples, most of the decisions they are having to make are one's they've not made before. Sometimes you can get helpful information from your friends. Oftentimes though you are on your own out there!   When it comes to your wedding though you need to make sure to get it right.

 When it comes to choosing your wedding photographer you need to make sure that they are truly talented professionals. You also need to make sure that you select the photographer who is right for you and for your wedding, remember you will be spending a big part of your day with them and entrusting them to get the shots you really want.

 There are several things to consider when choosing a wedding photographer. A wedding is a unique situation with unique problems that a professional MUST be prepared for, to get the best possible outcome in the least amount of time. Here are some things you may want to think about. 

EXPERIENCE AND EDUCATION: When it comes to capturing your wedding images realize that the window to capture an aspect of the event is very limited. You are only going to walk down the aisle once. The ring exchange, the kiss, and all other aspects of your wedding lasts for only seconds. When talking to wedding photographers make sure to ask them how they've learned about wedding photography and how much experience they have. Make sure you hire an expert and not someone who is 'learning on the job'. There are no do-overs in weddings. Get specific answers from them and don't be afraid to check their credentials. 


  •  The learning curve for wedding photographers can be quite steep and takes years to truly perfect. Technique, tricks of the trade and keeping an ongoing eduation is vitally important.An amateur photographer will miss shots and provide sub standard images.
  •  Do they understand lighting techniques? Where have they gotten their formal eduation (if they have any at all). Did their education specifically include wedding/ event photography. Capturing a wedding is a unique type of event and takes a pro that understands all the nuance to doing so.
  •  How many weddings have they actually photographed and over how long of a period? When it comes to capturing those all important images experience can make a world of difference!


We have been capturing weddings since 1997, shooting upto 30 per year. I am the main photographer at every wedding we shoot, and never send a 'cameraman' in my place. Photography education is from the Triangle Institute of Photography, continuing education at Tri-C, over 100 hours per year at seminars. Member of the Professional Photographers of Ohio, past board member of Society of Northern Ohio Professional Photographers and past member of Wedding and Portrait Photgraphers International.

TECHNIQUE: There is more to capturing images than just pushing the shutter on the camera ( although there are some who do only that).  The term technique may even encompass more that you realize.

  • What kind of capture will they be doing? Photojournalistic, Posed or a Mix. Look at some of their images and see if they are capable at posing images.
  • Lighting will make a huge difference in the quality of your images. Are all the shots taken with an on camera flash only, or even no flash? The use of off camera flash and multiple lighting sources will add greatly to your finshed portraits
  • Posing for family portraits. This again is a situation where a seasoned professional really makes a huge difference. Does the photographer have a plan for how they capture the family portraits. 
  • How available is your photographer? Do they answer the phone? Return your calls promptly? Can they answer the questions and concerns that you have?
  • Will your photographer be there the night of your rehearsal so they know exactly how your wedding ceremony will go and where the bridesmaids and groomsmen will be getting ready? 
  • Is the photographer willing to adjust to any special needs or requests that you have. Are their 'packages' flexible so that you can get exactly what you want. Are they forthcoming with their pricing?
  • Do they have backup equipment. I have heard horror stories of a camera breaking down before the ceremony and the Bride and Groom getting no images.
  • Will you get the digital original files so that you can make sure your memories are never lost? Are the files the full resolution files or are the smaller so that you can't make any decent images form the files? Are they images color corrected?
  • Is retouching available?


We do a mix of photojourmalistic and posed shots. Wanting to make sure that you receive both the traditional images and the ones that 'capture the moment'.

A full portable studio is brought with us, including studio lights, posing stool, table and even backdrops! For formal poses we use a 3 point lighting set-up which really adds depth and professionalism to your images.

Our use of flow posing really speeds up the process of getting all the family groupings you want, in a fast and efficient manner. Not holding the family up too long makes for a more pleasant experience for everyone!

The only time we don't answer the phone is when we are with other clients. If we unfortunatley miss a call we will promptly call you back.

We make it to your wedding rehearsal. It allows us to see who everyone is, make sure that we know of any limitations that the officiant has and to meet the rest of the wedding party, parents and grandparents. Also it gives us the opportunity to know the timeline for your big day .

If you have any requests prior to the wedding day, on the day of the wedding or even after your big day we are there to make sure you are very satisfied. Our pricing is out in the open and we can offer any products that you desire, from thank you cards to albums and everything in between.


Turnaround Time:

We start working on your images within 48 hours of your Wedding.  The proof album is usually ordered within 3 weeks. Although we do not print the album ourselves we use a local Cleveland company to do our printing and they usually have it back to us in 2-3 weeks.

 If you are ordering prints from us the time on that is even faster!