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I had photographed the first child of the Swansons. We got some really nice images and one of them I did a nice painterly look and the mom fell in love with it. We then unfortunately lost touch for some time and I saw Mark and he told me that they wanted to do some more portraits as they had an addition to the family and really enjoyed themselves during the previous session. We did these images at a park in Brunswick

If you'd like to see more of their images portraits click here!

Fall Fun

The Swanson boys mugging for the camera.

Black and white image from the parkFollowing the Boys into the WoodsSharing a Private Moment'Classic' Outdoor PortraitSwanson Boys Playing in the LeavesThe end of the Swanson Family's portrait sessionFollowing the Boys into the Woods

Sharing a Private Moment

'Classic' Outdoor Portrait

Swanson Boys Playing in the Leaves

The end of the Swanson Family's portrait session

Here are just a few of the Images we caught this fall of the Mocniak Family.

I was fortunate a few years back to capture Dan and Colleens's wedding for them.

It was great getting back together with them this past fall and continue to capture memories for them.

Soon we will be getting some of this art posted on their walls at home.

It's so nice working with families whom are truly happy!

 If you'd like to see more of the portraits click here!

Dan Mocniak and His Family image copyrighted by Sydney's Studio

Mocniak Clan: Diane and Gordon MocniakColleen and Dan Mocniak

Dan's Parents

Diane and Gordon Mocniak

Colleen, Dan and their 2 Wonderful Children, Mak and Logan

Colleen, Dan and their 2 Wonderful Children, Mak and Logan

One of my favorite couples, Mr and Mrs Mocniak

Colleen and Dan MocniakThe Grands


The Grands (parents and kids!)