Avengers Movie Set Cleveland Ohio

Avengers Chaos Downtown Cleveland


I took my wife and daughter down to see the Cleveland Browns versus the Detroit Lions preseason football game back in August. I stayed downtown while they were at the stadium and ended up down where they were shooting exteriors for The Avengers movie. Although the area was blocked off and there was security present, I was able to get a few nice shots!


One of several vehicles that were pretty well destroyed on the set of The Avengers in downtown Cleveland.



Another 'After the Blast' image. What was really kind of surreal that night was that a young oriental gentleman came up to me while shooting and asked if this was a terrorist attack. He was very mater-of-fact about the question as though he wouldn't have been surprised if I said yes. I tried to explain to him, but he didn't quite grasp it until I reached over and picked up a massive wall, since it was foam and hardly weighed anything. Then I mentioned Iron Man and I think at that point he understood.



These flowers really stood out against the wall, I suspect that it is important imagery in the film. I know that Thor, Iron Man and Captain America  were doing battle in the streets, but don't know who it is that left the flowers.

If you want to see the trailer and what happened before I captured these images click here