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I always ask how my new customers found out about me, website, referral, search engine. This an email I recently received....
May 1, 2012

Job well done...I could not of asked for anything more! I was refered to Sydney's Studio and can understand the high recommendations Bob received. I would not hesitate to do the same.

My son is shy and was not looking forward to having his senior pictures taken. After meeting Bob, my son was more comfortable. The location Bob suggested was perfect. Due to Bob's efforts, my son was relaxed and took some great pictures. What I liked the most is Tom's pictures are not like the other cookie cutter senior pictures you see year after year. Tom's personality is clearly represented. I was able to get the "mom" photos to hang on the wall and Tom was able to get pictures that showcased himself. Bob's awareness to detail made all this possible.

Bob was very accommodating and quick to respond to emails or phone calls. I was very much a deer in the head lights when it came to having my son's senior pictures taken. Thanks to Sydneys Studio, I was able to get the memories of his Senior year in beautiful print.

Thanks again for a terrific job...

Ann Marie Brock




  I am a loyal, longstanding and very satisfied client of Sydneys Studio. I have utilized the creative services of Bob Hofer for over 15 years and he has never disappointed. My children's weddings and all of my promotional shots were done

by him.

   As a Radio/TV Personality it is so very important that I make a good presentation with all of my marketing materials and on my website. So when I am in need of professional photography with a great edge..I go to Sydneys Studio!

  Thanks Bob, for all of the great memories that you 'froze' in time and also for

making me look so good in every single picture!


   Miss Bonnie






 In late summer the year before, we chose Sydney's Studio to do the photography for our October wedding. We couldn't have chosen better!

 Bob is an excellent photographer with great talent, he caught moments of our wedding that when looking back are wonderful memories. Our photographer was very friendly and had great ideas for poses and

settings that made everything look perfect!

 One photo that he took stood out so well we HAD TO have him make us a 20x24 print that hangs on the wall of our living room.

 I cannot recommend Bob at Sydney's Studio highly enough and would recommend him to anyone.


Heather Z