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Alone Together

With proper planning your wedding images can be as unique as you are!
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Hinckley Lake

There are many areas in Ohio to capture great outdoor portraits- all year long
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Pets are a part of our Families

It's a shame that the breed has such a notorious rep. This boy was one of the sweetest fellas I've had the pleasure to photograph
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Saxxy _Girl

Negative Space High contrast black and white, with a lot of negative space pulls you into the subject and forces the eye to stop.
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Private Joke

A number of our Romantic shots are posed, but it's also important to be ready for the unexpected
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Golf Girls for Father's Day

Another fun image where we were able to plan a theme to surprise these little ones' dad.
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USA Baseball and Quintin

Form, Function and Vision executed The use of lighting to define the form and set emotion can set professional photographers apart.
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We are now accepting appointments at our new studio in Oberlin! At this time all hours are by appointment only. Our address is: 11970 Vermlion Rd.

We have a passion for capturing truly inspired imagery. The final product and style is all up to you though, we can bring a functioning studio right to your home, or shoot outdoors or even a mixture between the two. You don't always need a professional photographer but when you do, you need to call us! 330-741-0669
 Professional Photography for Discerning Tastes.  
Please call: 330-741-0669

There are a number of ways that we can really separate your portraiture and turn it into art. Two of the most obvious is in posing and lighting. A good pose will set the base for you portrait, it allows you to look comfortable but still display a mood that can be further imprinted by the proper use of studio or off camera lighting. What do you want others to feel when they see your portraits? confidence? pride? assurance? self-esteem ? composure ? self-confidence? bliss? These and more can be captured and expressed from wall portraits to 8x10 desk portraits. Let's get together and discuss how you want others to see you and then let's make that magic happen!